Hot tubs

Very popular in USA and the countries of the Northern Europe, hot tubs (“spas” in French) is more and more present in France. In fact, we can say that you try it, you adopt it!
It’s a very different way of using than a swimming pool, moreover the hot tubs comes as a supplement to the pool. With the hot tub you favor you relaxation and wellness. Most of our customers admit that they fast become addict, half an hour of hot tub per a day, with our stressed lives is an oxygen bubble, a gold moment for the man sound of body and serene of mind.

A hot tub overflowing in a pool? Yes, but no…
We prefer hot tubs independent of pools. Of course sounds of water are kind, and the esthetic is good, but it has a major problem: the water temperature. If we consider the the ideal temperature for a pool is around 28°C, you will have to reach around 37°C in a hot tub because you stay inside sat or lengthened and especially motionless.
We recommend to you to choose an above ground hot tub, easy and quick to install and to move. His casing can be changed to be perfectly integrated in his environment (natural wood, stones, exotic vegetal…).

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