If your swimming pool recovered a beauty ?

The renovation of a swimming pool needs a big skill and a perfect knowledge of all construction process of today and yesterday.

Avant après

Coating and waterproofing:
There is many coating for your pool renovation. The kind of construction of the pool, budget and esthetic will lead your choice (for an example it is complicated to install a liner in an old tiles pool because we would have to change all technical pieces as skimmers, lights… with new ones specifics for liner).

The kind of coating we work:
75/100e liner, 150/100e armed PVC, polyester gelcoat/topcoat, painting, tiles.
Hydraulics and technic:
On a 30 or 40 years old pool, the esthetic lifting is not enough to recover it a beauty, and the renovation of a coating or a terrace is often the time replace the old hydraulic system of the pool. It’s too often the time to change the technical pieces (skimmers, lights…) and the old in-ground pipes.
It is the same for the filtering system (pump, filter…) which should be changed by next generation products. It is too the moment to adapt an old installation (electric…) to the new standards.