You want to evolve your pool, add options and equipment?
Here is a list of the principal’s options we can add on your pool:

For a long time reserved to the most fortunate people, the heating of a swimming pool is now opened to everybody, due to the democratization of heat pumps. This system consumes really less than an electric heater. For an example, an electric heating system consumes 1 kWh to heat 1 kWh where with a heating pumps it is around 1 kWh for between 4 and 5 kWh.
The power of the heat pump is calculated according to a heat balance including all parameters of your pool as temperature you want to reach, the season you want to swim, winds, area…

French law impose you to equip your pool with a security system, according to four standards (you need one of them):
NF P90-306 for fences and barriers (in PVC, steel, glass…)
NF P90-307 for alarms
NF P90-308 for security covers (winter’s ones, automatics rollers…)
NF P90-309 for pool enclosures

Focus on automatics covers (rollers)
This is the first choice of the majority of our customers because it is in the same time a clever process, easy to use and esthetic.
It can be manual (by a wheel) but in general it is automatic, by a simple electric key box.
There are two kinds of automatic covers (rollers):
-The out of ground cover: An axe laying on two posts. The blades of the cover slides on the water. It is the cheapest range of cover, easy to install in the major kinds of swimming pools.
-The underwater cover: it comes in a box (in general in concrete coated by a wood deck). It can be made at the same level as the terrace, as it can be made inside the water as a beach seat to make it a relaxation stair.

Water treatment
The traditional way to treat a pool’s water is to add some chlorine tabs inside water, a check the pH level.
But we can add to you pool a system to make the cleaning automatic. The most popular is the salt chlorination, but there are too the UV, liquid chlorine pumps… It is the same with the pH which can be automatic (ph pumps…).

Automatics cleaners / robots
We have many kinds of cleaners. Electrics robots, hydraulics ones (Polaris…).

There are so many accessories we can add to your pool, as Jetstream, balneo and massage systems, stairs… Call and meet us for more information.