Polyester pools

A clever and economical way to build you swimmingpool.

  • Economic
  • Quick installation
  • Powerfull and classical filtering system

Discover some prefabricated polyester pools we installed :

A polyester prefabricated swimmingpool, what is it ?

The polyester pool is a very popular process.
The poll is mono-hull made with fiberglass’s and resins, what makes it the better waterproofing. It’s directly delivered on site from the factory with a crane truck (it’s for why we must visit the site before making you an offer, to check access and the space we have to work).
It’s very important to perfect drain undergrounds waters coming around the pool, it’s why it’s dropped on a gravel base mat perfectly flat with the crane, and backfilled around walls all with gravels. An iron and concrete belt comes at the end to finish the work ready to receive the edge deck.
As all pools the polyester one must be connected to a filtering system in a technical room existent or to build (pool-house, garage, wood box…) or in a polyester box to bury (or half buried).
All the equipment are available on a polyester pool as a salt treatment, heating pump for heating, automatic cover for security, Jetstream…

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These pool already seduced many of our customers by their quick making (only a few days of work for you to swim) and their price, the most economic process of the market due to its quick installation.

High quality – Made in France